About Elsha Collection

Tanya Elshahawi, the owner of Elsha Collection, is a student of a number of different subjects, apparently. Even that is something she is learning.

Currently studying to become a journalist, if someone had told her that she would be the proud owner of a fashion handbag company at twenty years old, she would have been able to prove them wrong with equations and theorems galore. Only to be proven wrong herself, in time.

Full credit for the business, however, is deeply rooted in her family, where even the company name finds its inspiration. Her mother took up sewing handbags as a hobby when Tanya was in high school, and so naturally Tanya donned the most colorful handmade bags among her friends. Between classes she’d take requests from friends and teachers, and while it was purely a hobby then, with time, maturity, and the right amount of encouragement, the idea for turning her mother’s hobby into a business made its transition from a lofty dream to an attainable goal.

While her youth and her lack of experience might be the first thing people see, her creativity and eye for design are also intuitively fronted, even perhaps unknowingly, as the Elsha Collection website is also one of her designs.

Not really sure where her Journalism major and Graphic Design minor will lead her, Tanya continuously learns that business is an investment of time in people.

She is also learning that whoever said business isn’t personal, was clearly not fully invested.

She sees Elsha Collection as an expression of her creativity and her desire to connect with people. Elsha Collection is a cure for her addiction to fashion. It’s the touch of color she thinks every outfit desperately wants. And Elsha Collection handbags are something every woman can carry her life in. At least the tangible, handbag-sized parts.

A student at The American University in Washington D.C., Tanya loves living in the district, because it’s the only district there is to live in. When not in D.C., Tanya lives at home in New Jersey, with her parents and two brothers, who have been supportive, encouraging, and helpful along the way.

While she is still in school, learning from textbooks and lectures, she continuously learns that life is not about following a template or taking the beaten path. And from now on, when asked her occupation, she plans to respond instead of with “Student,” “Lady Entrepreneur.”